Social Media Marketing Case Study

Our Client: Financial Services Company

We were approached by a client to redesign their old website and being generating web enquiries for them through the new website using Google AdWords. Our client goal was to keep 4 sales agents busy throughout the day with 15 web enquiries each, after setting the campaign up on Google Adwords and running it for a month it came very clear to us that we faced an issue as there was not enough volume of people searching online to meet their goal. So we had to move the campaign to social media marketing so we could increase the volume.

Overview On The Project

Before we began work we carried out or research. We did this by finding out what our client’s competitors were doing and who are client`s target audience was. 

Once the research was carried out we then began to A/B split test the campaign using different creatives, different audiences and much more working each ad set on a small budget and then reviewing it every 24 hours. 

Once we had reviewed the ads we would begin to switch off ads which were not performing and begin allocating larger budgets to the ads which were working. Once we saw results on these we began A/B split testing these further and we began to grow these campaigns. 

The Results

We had great results from this project we are now generating our client 40 facebook enquires a day all which are validated by HLR at a total ad spend of £100 per day. If you would like to know how we can grow your business through social media marketing get in touch with the team today. 

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