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Our Client : Perfect Artificial Grass Installation (PAG)

Prism Marketing Group was approached by the owner of perfect artificial grass. The owner had been running the company for a few years at limited success, as he was working on referrals and posting leaflets to win work. He had seen one of his competitors who had started his company around the same time having great success with numerous vans on the road and jobs being completed all around the area. 

He decided to look into how his competitor was having such great success while he was struggling to win new jobs, he got speaking to one of the staff who worked for the company and he explained how they were “smashing" it on Google through paid adverts & SEO. He explained how the company were quoting a potential 10 new jobs a day through this method. Our client then approached us through a referral and asked us to help him grow his business online. 

Overview On The Project

After learning more about our client’s company and the industry he was working in our team went away and carried out some research to find the best way to approach this project. It quickly came to a light that pay per click and SEO were the main ways to win business quickly and ensure growth. 

Once the website was built we began work on the SEO & PPC, we started with PPC before moving onto SEO by carrying out the PRISM 128 point audit. This is where we go through the site to ensure its optimised for site speed, H Tags, Alt Tags, Compression and much more. 

Once we completed the audit we then began working on the Local SEO to ensure our client was not taking on jobs to far away. We did this by adding our client to over 700 directories nationally and locally all done manually to ensure the details were added correctly.

We then began work on the link building strategy we put into place. Within 3 months our client dominated the search page listing on both the map pack and naturally.

The Results

We had great results from this project and if we fast forward 8 months our client now dominates all the local search phrases for the artificial grass installation in the areas he wanted to work in. He has also become one of the top 3 purchasers of artificial grass from his supplier in the north-west who is not a direct franchise of the merchant. 

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