Solar Panel Leads

Prism Marketing Groups is a leading Manchester marketing firm who can help your business generate Solar Panel leads online from £21 per lead enquiry, with a full replacement policy.

Whats Involved In Prism Marketing Groups Managed Solar Panel Lead Generation Service

Full COntrol Of Campaign
Prism Marketing Group offers a managed service which means we will generate will writing leads online via a site owned by you.
Free Website Build
Prism Marketing Group offers a managed service which means we will build a website to generate the online will writing leads and it will be owned by you.
You Have FUll Control OF Compliance
As this is a managed service you have full control of the website in regards to compliance, the website won't go live until you sign it off, any changes needed will be made by the team on request going forward.
Free Number Validation
To ensure you get the highest quality of leads, all the leads which will be generated via your website through HLR validation to ensure you only receive live numbers.
Free API intergration
Our Experienced developers will set up your API so you can have leads feed straight into your systems.
GDPR Friendly Lead Managent Software
All your leads will go into a lead management software called Databowl to help ensure compliance with GDPR.

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