Web Development Case Study

Our Client : Compare ISA Rates

Prism Marketing Group was managing our clients Google AdWords account when we found out our client was losing 20% of the leads being generated due to incorrect details being submitted by their customers. 

Overview On The Project

After learning more about our client’s issues with receiving invalid leads, we decided to get our web development team to create a new form for our client where we could integrate an HLR Validation software within the form so when the client put in a contact number, the software would run a check on it to make sure it was a valid number and if it was incorrect the client would not be able to progress any further until they corrected the number. 

This saw our clients invalid leads drop from 20% down to less than 3%. Making the whole campaign more profitable as there was less manpower needed calling invalid details and also the cost per valid lead came down. 

The Results

You can see below an example of what happens when an invalid number is imported into the form. If you require web development works please do get in touch with the team to see how we can help.

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